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Since starting with MIS I have learned more about my chosen career path in a couple of months than I thought possible. I started by working with Matt Weiss and the team to create a logo and some GUI elements but ended up becoming the entire art department. I started by assembling a list of pre-production assets including reference boards, style-guides, technical documents and key art. They key art was the crowning portion of the pre-production since it shows roughly what you want the game to end up looking like using drawn assets and clip art overlayed onto the existing assets.

Key art:

Original assets:

After this was approved i started working on full production of the 3d assets and their implementation into UE4.

The UE4 engine proved to be a powerful tool in bringing 3d assets to life. Using substance painter and Maya LT 2018 I began by making some wooden pallets and cling wrapped boxes according to international standard dimensions to maintain appropriate scale.

The final image is what they look like rendered in engine.

I have been manufacturing assets and implementing them for a month or two now, working in the evening since I still have university and recently I had enough assets to take a beauty render of all of the assets showcased in a scene like a virtual showroom.

It was at this point I realized that i needed to swat up on my UE4 engine skills to bring the scene to look presentable, so I followed a few tutorials on EU4’s operation and lighting effects with a  deferred renderer and then came up with this

And that takes us up to date on the progress so far, further updates as events warrant.

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