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The Team & The Game

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Melbourne Interactive Studios website. This site will serve as a central point to engage with the development team as we develop the game FASTR. A new tactical, realism focused, FPS shooter. Our design will be implemented from data gathered from the Australian Army, US Marines, private security specialists in Counter-Terrorism and Close Quarter Battle style operations and consultation with ex-members of the Special Air Service Regiment.

Our focus will be to deliver a realistic feel to CQB style combat, carefully covering how lighting, sound, equipment, weather and other variables that aren’t always under the operators’ control can change the state of the battlefield and turn the tide of a battle. You as an operator will be able to affect the battlefield in ways which give you the advantage. Aimed at MilSim groups and eSports we’ll be adding in competitions on a season based system with cash/other prizes for the best teams and individuals.

Built in Unreal Engine 4 with a majority of assets created from scratch in-house we will be attempting to create new maps and game modes on a regular basis to keep the game interesting. The focus always a plausible, reasonably realistic objective. Unlike a lot of other games, rounds will be timed and points will be scored for the amount of time left on the timer when the whole other team is defeated as opposed to individual achievements. Win as a team, or lose as a team and do it quickly. Each round will commence with 30 seconds of planning, where players can change their role and point out areas on the map where they will go or points of interest that should be secured. Communication will be key, in-game VOIP, text chat, radial dial triggered hand and radio signals will also allow communication between operators without the need for VOIP for those who don’t wish to use it or don’t have a mic.

Sound and light will play a very large part of the game. We’ll be gathering actual data from operators as they train to see what sounds their equipment make as they move in complete silence. We’ll be gathering sound data from a warehouse very similar to the one we’re setting the first level in to be able to recreate the echo of the cavernous space, the squeak of boots on polished concrete and many other sounds that may very well give away your position. Light will be as realistic as we can reasonably make it without killing gamers computers, with the level setting at dusk, light shafts coming through windows, dimly lit spaces and dark corners, the ability to disable the power, systems that can be triggered and will have emergency lighting and other effects.

There’s a lot more about the game I’d love to say but I’ll leave it up to my talented dev team. Now to introduce them.

The Co-Founder of Viper Gaming Services and now also Melbourne Interactive Studios is Chad Taulelei, he is helping us in a capacity as a Community Manager and Public Relations Manager, his background is in business management, finance and esports gaming. He will be the face of MI Studios organising marketing, social media, tournaments, competitions, and prizes.

Starting in September with originally Viper Gaming Services (we decided to keep that as a gaming group instead) is Tim Kardaras, our Lead Developer, he’s a hardcore C++ coding, 3 jobs working, uni course studying, development machine – somehow he manages to have a girlfriend AND sleep too during all that. Studying a Bachelors of Information Technology at Monash he brings amazing ideas, excellent talent, and game knowledge to the team.

Joining us in February is Kim Niemann, our Lead Artist who brings our ideas to life with amazing visuals. Somehow making something as simple as a shipping container look great. He embodies the artistic vision of the game, he’s taken the feedback from myself and the team members and started churning out 3D assets to make our vision a reality. Often taking an artistic licence to decipher what we need and creating amazing works of art.

Also joining the team in February is Chris Poermandya, our designer, who pulls it all together, planning out our sprints, prioritising tasks, giving creative input regarding all parts of the game and making sure it’s all directed to deliver a cohesive game experience in line with our target game genre. Also a master of organisation, he writes down EVERYTHING (watch what you say, you’ll read it back in meeting minutes weeks later).

Recently added is Jan Jaso, our web developer who will be helping with the game’s website, where you can register a team and lookup your stats. He’s a developer by trade with years of experience in both web front end, back end and game development. As the game development progresses he’ll be updating the site and providing further functionality to the game moderators as well.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine David Alexandrou joined the team as our Lead Sound Designer, he’ll be coordinating all audio in the game, gathering samples from the real world or producing sounds that proves too difficult to obtain. He’ll be working to make sure that everything sounds like it would in a real-life experience, so you get the most immersive experience. He’s an Audio Engineer by trade and is getting into game sound design. He brings a wealth of audio knowledge with him and is a great addition to the team.

Friend and partner in gaming crime Phillip Inman recently joined the team as our Lead Systems Engineer, he’ll be working closely with the development team to ensure that Google Cloud Platform instances are spun up on demand for the different lobby regions around the world, ensuring players always have a good ping time to our servers and we don’t go broke running them for you. He brings with him a Bachelors in Information Technology and years of experience running the Binary Gaming community who host their own servers.

I look forward to providing further blogs with information about the progress of the game but I don’t want to steal any thunder so you’ll all be hearing from the dev team a lot more than me. Expect a mix of updates regarding what we’re working on along with some technical information for those who are interested in game development surrounding the methods used to attain what’s being worked on.

Any questions regarding the game please feel free to post on our Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and we’ll try to get back to you ASAP. Thanks for reading this opening blog, take care and we hope to see you ingame soon, keep a lookout for our public Alpha.

Mathew Weiss


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