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Experts in Realism

Founded in 2018, Melbourne Interactive Studios focus is to make realistic and challenging games that immerse the player in the game world. Consulting with real-world industry experts on the games subject matter we strive to give the best experience. We also like to diversify and work on other software projects not game related. Making useful and interesting tools that benefit peoples every day lives.


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Studio Highlights


FASTR: Tactical Operations

October 3rd, 2020

Realism focused combat, immersive environments, accurate movement, weapons handling, lighting and sound, and direct consultation from special forces and other armed forces members makes FASTR: Tactical Operations a unique game that attempts to bring the fun of first person shooters and the realism of milsims together.


Fortress Shaeradim

December 10, 2021

A mobile game where you plan and develop your fortress and dungeon in the middle of the Shaeradim area of Faerun. Discover over players fortresses, invade them, find ruins and explore them, finding loot and magical items along the way.



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